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Man, our release party was a hoot! All 3 people who came had a good time. So, we're off to a great start with our new CD "Bob Bagat's Toejam." So far, we sold 1 copy. That's more than our last album sold! Man, we are going somewhere. If we sell one more CD that we did for our previous CD, pretty soon we'll sell 5 CDs! That should help us crack the Billboard hot 200. Then, we can have our own cologne and we can be on the covers of teeny bopper magazines like "Cat Fancy." Exciting times.

Speaking of Bob Sagat's Toejam, Social Tampon is going on tour soon to promote the new album! Festering Gall Bladder is opening for us as well! Here's the concert dates-

October 2-Minot, North Dakota
October 3-Minot, North Dakota
October 5-Ulan Bator, Mongolia
October 7-Minot, North Dakota
October 9-Minot, North Dakota
October 10-Dawson, the Yukon
October 11-Minot, North Dakota
October 13-Minot, North Dakota
October 14-Minot, North Dakota
October 16-Minot, North Dakota
October 17-Minot, North Dakota
October 19-Ulan Bator, Mongolia
October 20-Minot, North Dakota
October 23-Minot, North Dakota
October 25-Minot, North Dakota
October 27-The Galapagos Islands
October 30-Minot, North Dakota
October 31-Minot, North Dakota and Ulan Bator, Mongolia
November 2-Minot, North Dakota
November 3-Minot, North Dakota
November 5-Minot, North Dakota
November 8-Minot, North Dakota
November 9-Minot, North Dakota
November 11-Minot, North Dakota
November 12-Minot, North Dakota
November 14-Minot, North Dakota
November 16-Van Horn, Texas
November 18-Minot, North Dakota
November 19-Minot, North Dakota
November 20-Minot, North Dakota
November 23-Minot, North Dakota
November 24-Minot, North Dakota
November 26-Minot, North Dakota
November 27-Minot, North Dakota
November 28-Gila Bend, Arizona
November 30-Minot, North Dakota
December 2-Minot, North Dakota
December 3-Minot, North Dakota

There you have it. We're playing a lot of different cities, so you should come. Tickets are only $362,392 dollars each or 10 for a billion dollars. With prices so cheap, you should have no excuse not to come!

I also updated some of my user info. Check it out. Or don;t check it out. Or pick your nose instead. Makes no difference to me.

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